Expected 2018: Breathing Cloud to International Lightart Museum (DE) May 6th to September 16th

Breathing Cloud can be seen in Zentrum fur International Light Art during 'Up here, down there', an exhibition about the termination of coal mining in the Ruhr area in the context of ‘Kunst und Kohle’.

Breathing is life!

The air-filled shape gently floats in pink light. He moves, he breathes. and hangs like a cocoon of rest in one of the underground corridors of the Lichtkunst Museum. The light, movement and sound of a deep, intense breathing invite you to undergo the artwork.

International Light Art Museum

The Zentrum für Internationale Light Art is the only light museum in the world. This well-kept secret is housed in a former beer brewery about ten meters below the current town hall of Unna. In the permanent collection you can see works by artists such as James Turell, Olafur Eliasson, Rebecca Horn and Jan Munster have been realized in the underground corridors of the Museum. For more information:
Zentrum fur Internationale Lichtkunst
website RuhrunstMuseen - Lichtkunstmuseum Unna.

An impression of the Light Art Museum: Avrotros/kunstuur (view from 52:30 min.)

Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst
Lindenplatz 1, 59423 Unna

Photograph: Mike Harris